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Welcome to Justbe City!

Justbe City™ is a world where children and adults are figuring out what life is all about. Each collection of stories highlights the everyday adventures and experiences of this vibrant community.

Join us as we take Justbe City™ from fiction to reality by inspiring the next generation to just be themselves.

Chase And The Messy Room

In Chase and the Messy Room, Chase is getting things done, finally cleaning up his space… but later asks himself, why’s it messy in the first place? Chase discovers the joys and frustrations of staying organized in Chase and the Messy Room.

Chase Goes To The Park

In Chase Goes To The Park, Chase is excited for a day with family and friends, but things don’t go as planned. Will he let a few rough moments ruin his day? Or will he turn lemons into lemonade? Chase discovers the ups and downs of constant change in Chase Goes To The Park.

What Our Visitors Are Saying

Fun book for the family!

A great book which centers around the pain point of learning to clean up and stay organized- in a fun way! The illustrations make you want to learn more about what Chase and his family are going to do to next.

Love this kids book


I could actually see my son in Chase. We both had a laugh. Can't wait to read more.

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He loves to dream, create adventures and spend time with his family. Chase is learning that even the best plans can change at any time, join him as he figures out life as a young boy living in Justbe City.

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She loves to play, learn new things, and share her excitement with the world. Sunshine brings her name to everything she does as a young girl living in Justbe City.

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Justbe City Creator

Tomeka Williams is deeply committed to helping build a more inclusive world through her many roles.


By day, she is Procter & Gamble’s Sales Vice President for North America Hair Care. She plays a leadership role in serving diverse consumers with brands like Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences and My Black is Beautiful. In her current capacity, she partners with P&G scientists to help deliver STEM and arts programming to young girls nationwide.  She is also a founding member of the Community Cohesion Project, focused on making Northwest Arkansas a more inclusive and connected environment for all.


Most recently, Tomeka has channeled her passion for a better world by creating Justbe City™ - her first series of children’s books. As an author, she hopes to broaden the spectrum of the stories we tell and inspire the next generation to just be themselves.


Tomeka lives in Cincinnati with her husband and three children.

Tomeka Williams - Author of Chase and The Messy Room
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